BrainSpores Goes to the Big Tent: NIH Research Festival 2017

BrainSpores proudly presented products for three of our clients at the NIH Research Festival in September 2017. Despite the fear of encountering a rainstorm pushed up by hurricane Irma we filled our bags with flyers and zap stands and flew from sunny California to – lucky for us – sunny Bethesda, Maryland.

The researchers at NIH were fabulous to chat with and eager to hear about the featured products:

We stayed in the tent until the end of the afternoon, with Charles meeting the late-coming researchers and getting good leads in the last half hour while other vendors focused more on wrapping up and heading home.

The show was a great success and we are super-excited by the outcome and response from the NIH research staff.

If you are interested in sharing a booth at our next event or hearing more about our on-demand marketing and sales services, contact us at

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As a native Norwegian, I received my PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Oslo. I have held research positions in both academia and industry, and also been responsible for improving cooperation between research teams in consortia. After moving to San Diego, California, I changed my focus to marketing and sales and founded BrainSpores.

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