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What if you had an extra marketing and sales team?

One that could flex to meet your demands, deadlines and budget? A team that complements yours.

Now you can.

We embrace the gig economy to unlock it’s potential for you.

Get the marketing and sales support you need, without the overhead.


Don’t listen to us, listen to our customers.

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Design, develop and execute. Sounds simple but rarely is it efficiently accomplished. The team at BrainSpores delivers. Their approach to messaging and building your presence in the desired media is impressive. When it is time to move great ideas into executable deliverables, I would highly recommend the team at BrainSpores.
BrainSpores is easy to work with and an excellent complement to our marketing team- filling out areas of competency from commercial strategy to social tactics. Accessing their campus ambassador program positively changed our go-to-market sales approach. Together we have developed novel, affordable campaigns that are integrated across numerous channels resulting in both immediate and long term revenue gains. A great value and highly recommended!
Robert Triulzi, Tonbo Biosciences


Investors, Angels & Backers

Good technology and strong operations are key, but do your investments have expertise in marketing or sales? BrainSpores specializes in commercializing life science start-ups to get your investment ramped faster, reducing your risk without recruitment delays or increasing headcount costs. This is especially useful for founders with a technical or operations background. From strategy to brand voice and website launch, BrainSpores gets your entity moving, while providing you with metrics to measure success.

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Start-Up/Small Biotech

The intensity and excitement in getting your company off the ground is unparalleled, requiring your small team to wear many hats. But, a start-up is a tough time for on-the-job training in sales and marketing. Investors are impatient, capital is short, and there is a limited window to reach sustainable growth. Bridging from early adopters to mainstream customers may not be scalable, requiring new marketing and sales channels. BrainSpores supports your sales and marketing team as it grows.

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Established Biotechs

To thrive in a variety of market conditions requires momentum, leveraging fresh ideas and allocation of resources. Some portfolios may be significant sources of revenue but not growth, making it hard to justify marketing support. Yet abandoning these creates financial stress. BrainSpores provides economical marketing support, allowing your marketing and sales team to focus in growth arenas. BrainSpores can also re-energize portfolios through creative tactics that gain customer attention and engagement.

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