We believe that life science marketing and sales is ready for a fundamental shift. It will no longer be a domain of vertical in-house agencies, but an integrated society of creatives, independents, and professionals. Focused by tasks and goals, not a 40-hour work week.

About BrainSpores

BrainSpores provides life science companies access to an amazing collection of brainpower, skills and intellect- ready to spread new ideas and successes. A resource to be tapped and scaled to your demands. We have Technical Sales Reps in key territories ready to sell your products. Videographers, copywriters, web-designers, graphic artists, and even a professional story-teller are at your call. Tactical support includes negotiation and sales training, integrated campaigns, promotions and fulfillment, event planning/support, coverage of email, social channels and more! Our team is vetted, skilled and proven.

About The Founders

We seriously enjoy working with biotech companies. Still molecular biology geeks at heart (both of us are formally trained in molecular biology) we use our experience in marketing and sales to help fellow researchers be successful in business. James has held a variety of marketing and sales roles- from successful start-up founder to executive in a Fortune 500 company. Stine has a Ph.D. with chops on the bench, a background in analyzing research team performance, and experience in leveraging social media. We take a hands-on approach to ensure the quality of work, budget, and deliverable timelines are met. Give us a call and let’s see how the new economy can be applied to spreading your ideas!

BrainSpores manages your projects from concept to delivery.

On-Demand marketing and sales- the future of life science commercialization

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BrainSpores is hiring PT/FT Sales Reps in select regions. Must have a strong bioscience background and enjoy consultative selling.

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