About Stine Bergholtz

As a native Norwegian, I received my PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Oslo. I have held research positions in both academia and industry, and also been responsible for improving cooperation between research teams in consortia. After moving to San Diego, California, I changed my focus to marketing and sales and founded BrainSpores.

Yum! Free Pizza at Berkeley from BrainSpores

Charles and Alexandra at BrainSpores served pizza at lunchtime at the Berkeley campus LKS level 2 Lobby on October 12. BrainSpores presented products from Cofactor Genomics, Diagnomics and Ubiquitome. While enjoying a slice of pizza, the students and researchers at Berkeley learned more about the featured products: RNA Sequencing Services from Cofactor Genomics Whole Genome [...]

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BrainSpores Goes to the Big Tent: NIH Research Festival 2017

BrainSpores proudly presented products for three of our clients at the NIH Research Festival in September 2017. Despite the fear of encountering a rainstorm pushed up by hurricane Irma we filled our bags with flyers and zap stands and flew from sunny California to – lucky for us - sunny Bethesda, Maryland. The researchers at [...]

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Creative collaboration – When did you stop drawing on walls?

Can you remember how fun (and forbidden) it was to draw on the wall when you were a kid? Or how excited you were when the teacher allowed you to use the classroom board? I’m so happy I have started doing it again – several times a week! I cannot imagine a day in my office without using our dry erase boards for creative collaboration. Aside from computers, they are the most useful and productive tools we have.

Asking For a Raise – How to Not Do It

Even though I am risking exposing myself as being completely clueless, I want to share my story with you because I know I am not the only one who has utterly failed while asking for a raise. I want you to be more successful in getting a raise than I was, and in order to do this we will take a look back at the mistakes I made- and yes, it is plural.

The Debrief- An Essential Tool for Project Evaluation

“The spectacles of experience; through them you will see clearly a second time.” Henrik IbsenWhy leave your next project to chance? A proper debriefing on the project you just finished can give you a tremendously powerful launch on your next project. This type of project evaluation will formalize learning your successes and mistakes- allowing you to build on the former while avoiding the latter.